Without a doubt Greg Stewart is one of the pioneers of Australian street skateboarding.

Since the mid 80s, when Greg first discovered skateboarding, he gravitated towards its creativity in a way like no other.

His focus on raw talent and style has been a key factor in the development of his skating, photography and videography over the last few decades. 

Greg’s skateboarding has been immortalised in videos such as Flow Dog (1993), Time Skateboards – New Found Men (1994) and Money (1997). With many more appearances in Australian skate videos over the last two decades.

Along with being featured on two covers of Slam skateboarding magazine, Greg has also shot an abundance of photographs featured throughout numerous magazines internationally.

Throughout the years he has captured the true culture of street skating from a trick level and also that of a lifestyle level. 

His untamed persistence in having a camera with him at all times has proven to be the right decision made despite his subjects being a little timid once knowing a camera is present.

This timeless poetic imagery taken of some of the world's most iconic professionals to those who are new to the scene and ready to make a name for themselves around the world, is priceless and can also be considered bewildering.

Let the mind of Greg Stewart and the years of skateboarding intertwined with social hysterical and somewhat boisterous moments be shared here...

With this said...

Shamone is born.

Shamone is a brand that prides itself in production and design of apparel whilst focusing into a new timeless fine jewellery range to signify the sleek, unique feel of Shamone.

From sterling silver rings and necklaces to pendants and earrings, the Shamone fine jewellery collections are handcrafted with precision. Its pieces reflect a clean urban aesthetic and fine craftsmanship infused with passion and bold sophistication.

With a strong 90s influence transforming into the 2000s, to the modern skateboarding styles of today’s era. Shamone showcases a style that captures the lives of many around the world throughout the skateboarding scene. 

Inspired by skateboarding, for the culture.

Photo: Mike O'Meally