Jewellery Polish Cloth

Jewellery Polish Cloth

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The dual cloth provides two thicknesses of two cloths for cleaning and polishing. The interior features the yellow cloth, for removing tarnish and grime and polishing your jewellery to a bright shine. It's impregnated with special micro-abrasives and a cleansing agent. The long-lasting cloth keeps effectively polishing until it is worn through.

The lint-free outer layer polishes away fingerprints, residue or smudges for a final, bright finish. The cloth cleans pieces brilliantly and leaves a long-lasting luster without messy rouge or tarnish remover. Safe for all precious metals, base metals, wood, ceramic, hard plastic, and mirrors.

Made in Japan

Additional Specifications

  • Cloth: 7-1/2" x 5" (190 x 127mm)
  • Lint-free cloth: 8" x 6" (203 x 152mm)
  • Folded size: 6" x 4" (152 x 101mm)